Heavy 20’s and we’re all going to Hades!

Heavy 20’s and we’re all going to Hades!

by Joe Iturralde

Since last year, Predator/JSB has been putting out little hints of new things to come… you know, pellets. That is what they do. If you didn’t know I have a relationship with Predator. So whenever they give me info, I release said info. Then when the actual pictures of this info actually got emailed to me, I WENT NUTS! So did everyone else. What made me and every other airgunner in the free world lose their minds?

Well I’ll tell you… the JSB Hades — or as I affectionately refer to them as the Biohazards (you’ll see why). A 15.89 grain, .22 hunting pellet. Touted as a frangible pellet. Not so, but better. Imagine a mechanical broad head on a smaller scale. Say like a 5.5 mm scale. This pellet in my honest opinion will be the Polymag killer.

Hades .22 Diabolo pellets.

Whoa, now! Sit down, grab a stout drink,
and continue reading.

Hades pellets shot into glycerine soap . Photo courtesy of Cedric “Tofazfou” Sophus.

It will never replace the Polymag… NEVER-EVER! But if you have a rifle that loves JSB’s and doesn’t feel that same love for Polymags, then the Hades is for you. Imagine a hunting pellet with the accuracy of the 18.13 grain Exact Jumbo Heavy and the devastation of a .25 Polymag. Yeah, that kind of damage. Since their release at Shot Show 2019, I have taken a Fox squirrel and 2 P-Dawgs (Prairie dogs), I apologize for not having pictures. My rifle of choice was my Maximus carbine in .22 with an 18” barrel. Pushing the Hades at 727 fps for 18.65 fpe. Very capable of dispatching small game. The Fox squirrel, at 15 yards, had an inch of spine totally obliterated and the Hades dumped all its energy, no pass thru. The 2 P-Dawgs were shot at 45 yds. Quick kills without a pass thru. The picture included show the Hades ability to cause a good wound channel. Pay particular attention to the heads of the Hades. Again, little broad heads that cut as they go in. So if your shot is a bit off the prey should still expire quickly and leave you a good blood trail. I have found that speeds from 720 fps up to about 900 fps the pellets open up. Any speeds of 920 fps and higher the Hades tear themselves apart and become little squared domes that will pass thru small game. So one will want to be mindful of the speeds they shoot the Hades at.

Now for the other mind blower… the new Exact Heavy .20. A 15.89 grain new addition to the .20 cal pellet department. I know what you all are thinking…

Who shoots .20’s anymore and why the heck did
you all make them?

JSB Exact Heavy .20 pellets.

Well, would you all believe that last summer, Predator International actually sold out of .20 JSB pellets? It’s true. For some reason the .20 cal pellets are back en vogue. I for one am truly excited to see the new offerings. I got Airforce Airguns, and the Urban Airgunner Rick Ward saying, “Making the .20 sexy again.” Who can blame them? The .20 combines the trajectory of the .177 and the thump of the .22 in one pellet. If you ever owned a Sheridan Blue Streak, Silver Streak or happen to own a .20 cal Condor you know. I even went as far as to buy an 18” Airforce barrel from Travis P. of Airgun Depot and set my .25 cal Escape up as the .20 cal Escapee. See what I did there? I have the older style top hat so I was able to adjust it to shoot the smaller pellets without a tank dump — Airforce shooters know what I mean. I am currently shooting the new Heavy .20’s over 960fps at 32.52 fpe at 2200 psi on the lowest power wheel setting. That’s impressive by any standard. The airgunners who shoot bench-rest or for our friends across the pond who shoot sub 12ft-lbs these will be a game changer for sure.

So we all are getting “Heavy” with the .20’s and we all are going to “Hades” for our need to shoot these awesome additions to the JSB line up. I swear on a stack on JSB screw top tins you all will love them. Yeah, the new screw top tins will be making their way to us soon. So many surprises, so little time…

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This article was originally published in the April 2019 issue of Airgun Hobbyist Magazine.